The Value of Tech

In order to analyze and apply Shirky’s argument for the value of social media, Zach Cedruly and I created a video essay to project some significant points in the book. The genre we chose was marketing because it’s so prevalent in today’s society and is becoming more and more common on social media. We decided to focus on social networks, Pinterest and Facebook, to introduce the video with the definition of marketing so viewers knew immediately what was going to be illustrated and what it means. Pinterest is a social media outlet which allows those with accounts to connect to other people on Pinterest and share similar interests through the use of various boards. Facebook is a social media tool which can actually be connected to your Pinterest which allows for a more broad audience to view your interests. Through the use of the book, Understanding Digital Marketing, by Damien Ryan and Calvin Jones, we were able to elaborate more on the meaning of marketing and how it has grown throughout various social media outlets.

We broke down the concepts of network theory and lack of a gatekeeper with the use of a few play on words and illustrations with the hopes that any viewer can watch the video and understand the purpose and importance of marketing through the use of social media as well as the applications of Shirky’s argument for the value of it all. The value of social media in marketing can only grow in the next 3-5 years because social networks are continuously being improved and new ones will advance as long as there are innovators to create them.

Personally, I find that social media is a great tool for marketing yourself, your brand, your business, etc. and it’s becoming increasingly popular and effective in society. I think that others can agree on my viewpoint and otherwise our video shows examples of how this is true along with outside sources. Only time will tell if this is true.

Watch our video here: