QR Code/Memory

I didn’t find any tension with posting a memory of mine on YouTube and in the view of the community at Fisher. I’m sure other people can relate to my memory as most people have pets in which they eventually have to put down. I feel good sharing my memory because there’s a chance that one of the viewers is going through the same thing at the moment and if they come across my video, they can see that someone else has went through it as well.

I think that the Fisher community differs compared to the YouTube community because Fisher is limited to the students and professors that attend or are a part of the college while YouTube can range from all ages. With regards to the Fisher community, there’s a better chance that there is another student which has a similar memory as I do especially because typically we would be around the same age. This makes it easier to share memories in the Fisher community along with the fact that there are other students doing the same assignment or have done it previously in another semester. Having classmates that are also friends is also a variable that makes it easier to share memories in this community. The YouTube community can also relate to my video, but there’s the chance that the viewer could be an older individual who has various memories similar to mine since they have more life experience. It can be difficult to share memories via YouTube because you never know who is going to view your video and you are more susceptible to negative feedback such as comments which may be left on your video.

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