App & Paper

This app has value to me because I work with children at the daycare at LA Fitness and I also have to help my parents to understand their phones on a daily basis. It’s common that there are times when a parent leaves their child with one of their phones in order to get in contact with them in case there’s an emergency because it can be difficult to locate them in the gym. It would be beneficial if they had this app on their phone so they could simply open it, see a photo of their parent, click it and be on their way to calling them. This could also work for me in the situation because if the child were too young to use the phone, it would be easy for me to open the app and see a photo of the parent and call them. As far as my parents go, it would be beneficial for them in the same way. Even if I had to set up their contacts for them, it would be easy for them to use afterwards.