Hi, I’m Alana Lanctot. I’m a Junior at St. John Fisher College with a major in Communications and a minor in Marketing and Ethics. I transferred from Monroe Community College in the fall of 2013 where I received my Associates in Science in Communications & Media Arts. I am involved with the PRIMA Group as an events coordinator. Outside of school, I work as a server at the Distillery as well as at LA Fitness in their daycare.

The reason I decided to take COMM 263 is because digital media & social media is all around us and is only becoming more prevalent in society today. I enjoy being active on social media as a way to network, learn of events & news, and stay in contact with friends and family. I’m interested in remaining up to date with the latest technologies as they are only continuing to change and are becoming more prevalent in everyday life.

My template/design choice has led to an easy-to-use site because it’s fairly simple and easy to read. The template is also very to the point and menu items are easy to locate.